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Top score for HiQ 4 in ÅF Offshore Race 2019 hosted by Royal Swedish Yacht Club

It was perhaps one of history's toughest race when the 83rd vintage ÅF Offshore Race was settled in the beginning of the week. After a tight sailing out through the world's most beautiful archipelago, the sailors met a hard westerly wind with a high seas. The weather created perfect conditions for the two VO65 boats Ambersail 2 and HiQ4 who participated in the race. After 27 hours of sailing, HiQ 4 crossed the finish line with a 13 minutes margin to Ambersail 2. HiQ 4 thus beat the race record with a sailed time of 27 hours 4 minutes and 9 seconds. This gives an average speed of 13.01 knots and the single hull record was trimmed by as much as 4 hours 37 minutes and 24 seconds.

HiQ 4 is the total winner of ÅF Offshore Race 2019 and line honours (first over the finish line), class winner and winner of the Visby Cup (first to Visby). First time since 1997 we have a grand slam!

“Naturally, I am very happy and proud that we win ÅF Offshore Race 2019! And at the same time, setting a new record for single hull boats. The combination of advanced technology, teamwork and focus on the result is what create winners in most competitions. I would like to thank the whole team who have worked hard, both before and during the competition. And also a big thank your to KSSS, hosting this fantastic regatta” says Lars Stugemo, CEO of HiQ. 

The world's largest annual offshore race, ÅF Offshore Race, offered tough conditions when the sailors left the coast at Almagrundet.

- “With our more than 100 officials supporting the race, we have had perfect control of the situation around the clock and have been in contact with all participants who have had problems or retired. 127 of the 225 starting boats finished the race, which is proof of how tough it can be to sail this offshore race”, says Håkan Andersson, race director at KSSS.

Overall (SRS)

Overall winner
HiQ 4
Nationalitet: SWE
Båttyp: VO65
Skipper: Bouwe Bekking, Holland
Besättning: Jorden van Rooijen, Pelle Norberg, Roger Nilson, Antonio Cuervas Mons, Ysbrand Endt, Christa ten Brinke, Anders Lewander, Jonas Häggbom, Andreas Andersen, Fredrik Nylof, Peter van Niekerk, Erik Ridman, Michiel Goegebeur och Mattias Reintz 

AMBERSAIL 2, VO 65, Skipper Saulius Pajarskas, AORC

TUTALÖR, FIGARO III, Skipper Christian Martin, KSSS/RSYC


Winner: FOXY LADY, IMX-40 Rickard Bergkvist, Norrköpings SS, Skeppare, Lars Svanström, Peter Salomonsson, Dan Eriksson, Claes Falk, Rikard Wallin, Johan Trobeck, Claes Boman, Fredric Egeskans

Second: AURORA, Corby 37, Rod Stuart, Clyde CC, Skipper

Third: SHOGUN, MUMM 36, Kristoffer Straume, KSSS/RSYC, Skipper


Winner: TIKO MINOS, Arcona 340, Johan Karlsson, Södertälje BS, Skeppare, Henrik ”Henke” Sweidqvist, Calle Nyström, Peter Lindström, Mathias ”Ludde” Steininger, Thomas Sjöblom

Second: ALLEGRA, Baltic 43, Topi Simola, Skeppare, Helsingfors SK

Third: PLEASURE, HR 44, Sven Vallgren, Skeppare, KSSS/RSYC


Winner: PRIMA DONNA, Bavaria 46, Tomas Hedberg, KSSS/RSYC, Anders Dahl, Axel Lonaeus, Sofia Hedberg, Pär Bäckman, Johan Wård, Elias Rosell

Second: LA DOLCE VITA, Finngulf 33, Per Lindstedt Skeppare, KSSS/RSYC

Third: XPLORER, X-332, Alexander Eriksson Skeppare, KSSS/RSYC

SRS Double Handed

Winner: TUTALÖR, Figaro III, Skipper Christian Martin, KSSS/RSYC, Martin Engsell

Second: GROOVIE, Sun Fast 3600, Skipper, Martin Dubois, Södertälje BK

Third: TEAM MOBLINE, Albin Nova, Skipper Nadine Kugel, Runmarö YC

SRS Hultihull

Winner: JENA, Corsair 31 1d, Bertil Claesson, Skeppare, Trälhavets BK, Maximillian Claesson, Göran Wallmark, Jonas Seweling.

Only boat finishing the race


Winner: REFANUT, H15 Yawl, Fredrik Wallenberg, KSSS/RSYC, Skipper, Steve Dorfman, Sven Lagerberg, Richard Sörberg, Emely Hagen, Queen of fordeck, Markus Norlin, Martin Nitschke, Carl Henrik Ahlin, Gustaf Dyrssen, Peder Wallenberg, Gustav Aurén

Second: ANITA 12 mR, Skipper Bernhard Frieling Norddeutscher RV

The rest of the fleet retired

ORCi A Big Boat

Winner: NIRVANA, Latini/ICE 52, Marcus Dennerstedt, Westerås SS, Skipper, Henrik Rockler, Oskar Skoting, Anders Karén, Erik Skoting, Pontus Brenter, Henrik Sund, Calle Jr Johanssson, Gustaf Johnson, Sören Karlsson, Anders Bengtsson, John Müllersdorf, Olof Detlefsen

Second: FURIOSA, Cookson 50, Rolf Relander, Tallinna Jahtklubi Skipper

Third: ZERoEMMISSION, TP 52, Samuli Leisti, Helsingfors SK, Skipper


Winner: MATADOR, ELLIOT 44 CR, Jonas Grandér, Runmarö YC, Skipper, Thomas Jönsson, Tore Lewander, Nina Bäckman, Marcus Böhme, Tim Danielson, Niklas Beckvid, Tomas Bäckman, Thomas Blixt, Carl Urban, Martin Strömberg, Mattias Jonsson

Second: KERONIMO, Ker 40,Lars Elversson Skipper, Royal Ocean RC

Third: AIDA, XP-44, Lennart Evrell Skipper, KSSS/RSYC


Winner: TEAM PRO4U, First 36.7, Patrik Forsgren, KSSS/RSYC, Skipper, Johanna Sommarlund, Joakim Hoppe, Axel Antas-Bergkvist, Emil Forsgren, Anders Björk, Sven Eriksson, Christian Hadenius, Klas Winter

Second: NAOMI, First 40.7, Tobias Hemmingsson, Skipper Oxelösunds SS

Third: BIANCO, First 35, Tuomas Riski, Skipper, Nyländska JK

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