This Friday, KSSS celebrates 190 years since the club was started at Skeppsholmen, May 15, 1830. Although the Corona virus gives us restrictions, we want to pay tribute to this fantastic club together with you. So please join us in this celebration whether you are at home, in or near the boat, at work or at any of the KSSS facilities.

With the goal to celebrate our 190-year-old, we want help from you. That is whether you are a member today or if you are a former member, a regatta participant, a camp participants or a visitor to any of our ports.

Since we cannot meet physically, we have instead decided that the tribute may consist of an image that perhaps describes what KSSS means / has meant to you. The start gun for this tribute goes on the very birthday on May 15 at 15:00.


Send a photo (new or old). It can, for example, be a diploma from a sailing camp, an old trophy that Grandpa won, a boat that you sailed on in a KSSS regatta, etc. or if you are just a small group of people who remember and want to pay tribute to KSSS this year.

Keep in mind that it is positive if the KSSS logotype is in the picture (the KSSS mark is visible) in some sort of way and please write a few short lines about what the picture describes.

Send your contribution to  with "KSSS_190" as subject. KSSS wants permission to use the material for its own use.

We will then publish most of the tributes on the KSSS Facebook page and / or Instagram.

The tributes (and competition) will run from May 15 until the end of the 2020 season, which we define as October 17 when we hopefully have the KSSS Club Championship in Saltsjöbaden.

I order to thank you we will be giving away many great prizes from our partners to the participants.

Welcome to participate, we look forward to many inspiring contributions.

Picture: The picture is from KSSS 100th anniversary in 1930 when the anniversary dinner was held in the Stockholm City Hall for over 1000 people.