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How to Build a Sailing Team - By Jonathan McKee January 11, 2022

How to Build a Sailing Team

Whether building a new team or rebuilding one for the next season, consider how best to combine trust, experience and commitment, as well as skills.

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Riptide 44 - Dark Star
Returning to full-crew racing on his Riptide 44, Dark Star, the author assembled a crew with different skillsets but a shared commitment to improve. Jan Anderson

The past two years have been strange ones, on land and on the water. Big-boat racing essentially stopped on Puget Sound in March 2020, stranding any racing ambitions for my teammates and me on the 44-foot Paul Bieker-designed Dark Star. Gradually, I figured out a way to race the boat doublehanded, and a few local events opened to allowing shorthanded crews. It turned out to be a really fun period, but during this time my regular teammates moved on to other boats. I couldn’t blame them as I had nothing to offer.


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