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Joining the Club

Becoming a Member:

We thank you for your interest in Membership of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.  The article below describes how you can apply to join the Club, but if you would prefer to chat about Membership before applying, or you have any general or specific questions, please either come into the Club and ask to see the Membership Secretary, or phone the Club on 01590 672 677.

Joining is simple.
Completed in three easy steps the application process should take between 4 – 5 weeks.

Step 1:  Decide on the type of Membership which bests suits you on application

Full & Family Members: 

  • Best for applicants who are well known by two Club Members, of 2 years standing who can support your application and vouch for you "being, or having been, active on the water".  Full Members pay the joining fee on election and have full voting rights

We are keen to encourage families to join the Club and our family subscription offers free Membership to any children under 18 years of age when parents join as a couple.

Provisional Members:

  • Available to help those applicants who do not know any Club Members

  • Provisional Members delay paying the joining fee for one year, do not have any voting rights and have the opportunity to become full Members after one year or cease their Membership.  Provisional Members have full use of the Club’s facilities

When considering your application please note that Members aged 18 or over may invite a maximum of four Guests (which would include non-member Spouses/Partners and family Members) at any one time.  The same Guest may not be invited to the Club by any Member more than 6 times in any Club calendar year (1st October - 30th September).

Step 2: Fill in the Application Form

Send your completed application form to the Office accompanied by a letter to the Membership Secretary explaining your reasons for wishing to join the Club.  Please include details of your sailing experience.  If applying for Provisional Membership you should explain the circumstances that prevent you from applying for Full Membership and your intentions in the yachting context.  Application forms should be sent to the Membership Secretary who will be your main point of contact throughout the application process. 

Applying for Provisional membership:
Two letters of recommendation ideally in a sailing capacity will be needed to support your application.  We are happy to accept letters of recommendation via email provided that the email is sent from the person providing the reference.

Following receipt of your completed application form, details of your application for Membership will be posted on the Club’s notice board for 28 days before passing through the Club’s committee system for election. 

Step 3: Visit the Club for your informal Membership meeting

During the notice period we will arrange for you to have an informal meeting with two Members (or former Members) of the General Committee.  Your Meeting will be arranged by the Membership Secretary at a time that is convenient to you.

The purpose of the meeting, which generally takes about one hour, is to get to know you, to learn about your sailing activities, why you would like to join the Club and to answer any questions you may have.

When elected we hope that we can use the information gathered at the interview to help guide you into the activities in which you may have an interest.

Behind the scenes: From receipt of your application to election as a Member

On receipt of your application and the required supporting documents, summary details of your application will be posted on the Club notice board for a period of 28 days.

After 28 days and your Membership Meeting, your application will be considered by the Membership Sub Committee and then by the General Committee both of whom meet on a monthly basis.

The Membership Secretary will contact you following the General Committee meeting to confirm if you have been elected.  If successful, the new Members pack will be sent to you with details on how to pay your Membership subscriptions and entry fees if applicable.  The pack will contain lots of useful information about the Club and the facilities that are included with your Membership.  We will keep you fully up to date at each stage of the application progress.

There are various functions for new Members throughout the year to assist you in becoming an active Club Member, and you will be encouraged to ask questions and to attend Club functions. Everyone will be very supportive and helpful and you will be made to feel very welcome!

We look forward to receiving your application


Please note that the Club is registered under the Data Protection Act.  If we are not notified to the contrary we will assume your consent to hold your personal information on the Club's database.  The data records that we hold are treated as confidential and will not made available to any third party.

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