Who we are?


Founded by three experienced sailors with a mix of competences and extensive knowledge in areas such as professional sailing, maritime operations and finance SailCascais aims to provide a real sailing experience to its clients.


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What we do?


We operate a fleet of SB20 boats that we use for our Sailing Academy, corporate and group events, professional sailing campuses and rentals for local regattas and leisure. We also provide boat maintenance and logistics for the local fleet.


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Where we operate?


Cascais is one of the best spots in Portugal and in the world for sailing, where we operate from one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country Clube Naval de Cascais with 80 years of history.




Why choose us?


With a top of the class team we open the world of real sailing to non-professionals through fun and exciting sailing sessions and take care of their whole sailing experience in Cascais.


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