8 ideas to get more participants in your sailing events

Organizing an event isn’t an easy task. Have you thought of a way to get more sailors to join in your sailing events? Here are a few tips and ideas that you can put to work:

1- Organization

First of all, and before anything else it is mandatory to understand that for a person to manage an event, a sailing event or with different goals, a strict organization is key. Some logistics and bureaucracies must be taken into account to organize an efficient event that will attract more participants. If one of the existing sailing problems is the participant's management, ProRegatta can help you with that: you can use our platform to manage your championships, and you'll do it more quickly and efficiently, with a mobility bonus, since you can take it anywhere with you.

2- Security

Now with your head in the game, it is time to worry about safety. In a sailing event is important to worry about the sailor's safety since that will be not only one of the sailor's priorities but also of his family and friends. If one of the existing sailing problems is security management, how can you guarantee a mechanism to help a sailor in need of the water? ProRegatta can help you with that: our app comes with an SOS button that can be activated by the sailor in emergency cases like wind variations, boat breakdowns, falling overboard, etc. You only have to associate three emergency contacts and the feature will be available when necessary.

3- Tracking

In any event or championship that you manage is important for the sailors to have a feature that allows them to do the regatta's tracking. The regatta's recording, to be able to review and analyze the mistakes and achievements is an amazing way for the sailors to evolve and make some progress. If this is one of the existing sailing problems, ProRegatta can help you with that: since our app comes with a feature that allows you to do tracking. The sailors have access to their routes, championships, reviews and see their ups and downs.

4- Training with friends

Better than training alone, only training with friends. If there's a possibility that sailors can be enrolled in a championship and share that experience with friends, evaluate and compare both performances, will be the sailing jackpot. If this is an existing sailing problem, ProRegatta can help you with that: our app includes a feature called "Training with Friends". Through that feature, sailors can train with their friends, do joint training, regatta's tracking and compare performances. We can guarantee that joint training will be more fun and with this feature, you'll have more participants.

5- Review your championship

Have you thought that an appealing way for a sailor to be enrolled in an event is the fact that he can do the regatta and in the end be allowed to review his route? Human beings are never happy with what they can achieve and when the goals are achieved that's just an incentive to do even better. In that way, the sailor can review what he has done and that is just an incentive to do better next time. If this is an existing sailing problem, ProRegatta can help you with that: since, as been said, our app comes with a feature that allows sailors to review, as many times they want, their routes.

6- Event’s Results

Nowadays, companies collapse if they struggle to adapt to the constant market changes, now with the growth and emergence of technology they simply don't have a choice. The same applies to the sailing sport and event managing. The event's results must be, for the sailors, of easy access and comprehension. But more than that, they should be environment-friendly and, for that, the excessive use of paper is unnecessary. If this is an existing sailing problem, ProRegatta can help you with that: the results of the event are published online, in a clean, easy access document, compatible with any device.

7- Communication 

Communication is indispensable in our daily lives. Without her, we can't do our basic functions as human beings. To be successful in any task our interpersonal communication must be effective, opened and more direct possible. This applies to any situation, that includes a sailing event. If communicating with sailors, clubs, and sponsors is one of the existing problems with the sport, ProRegatta can help you with that: as one of our goals is to help sailing become an easier sport, it couldn't be made in any other way than to make communication easier. Thus, though push notifications feature available both in our platform and app, the communication between sailors and clubs becomes more effective and direct.

8- Easier Registration 

An enticing way to bring more participants to your event is if you facilitate the championship's registration. In a time where everything is managed in online platforms, it is necessary to make thorough management by guaranteeing direct and intuitive access. If this is one of the existing sailing problems, ProRegatta can help you with that: since the access to the website's registration feature was improved and now there's an easier path to everyone that wishes to register into an event or championship.


We hope that these tips and ideas have helped you in your search for new participants for your events. If you have become interested in getting to know more about ProRegatta visit our website ans share these tips in your social networks. 

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