3 Tips to help you control the results of a regatta


Do you need help controlling the results of your regatta, and don't know how? Here are three tips to help you do it without having much work. 


When we talk about a sailing event is necessary to organize and plan well the regatta for the event to be successful. Sometimes, the way to see if this was achieved is by looking at the final product, how were the results presented? 


If you have this problem, you wish to better control your results and don't know-how, we have the solution for you.





1. How about using a more accessible tool for you and the clubs to present the results and at the same time being environment-friendly while doing it? In the current days, it's important to think more about "we" and less about "I", we're all human beings, one planet. It's imperative to start using less paper and adapt each market to the use of online software and technology, both features that are constantly evolving. Thereby, adapting your events and your regattas means abdicate of paper and fixed devices to start using online devices. How can you do this? ProRegatta has the solution for you. The use of an app and online platform that are capable of filter the performances and trackings and convert them into statistics and results, that can be presented and promoted online - on the website - where can be downloaded at any time and without spending unnecessary resources.  

2. Push Notifications. And now you're wondering how will this help you better control your results. A way of communication more direct and accessible between clubs and sailors, a feature that allows these entities to be in permanent contact. You can do this in a very easy way, ProRegatta has a feature available in a platform and app. This will guarantee more effective communication and will help you improve your control in the regatta's results.  

3. A platform for Registration - imagine a more optimized platform, that can guarantee an easier and intuitive registration. ProRegatta can assure this feature since it's already functioning and operative in our website, for clubs to have an online option of registration into a championship. Think that if the registration process is more efficient and intuitive that will raise the club's level of interest and, consequently, their level of satisfaction. A tip that will improve, once again, the final product - better control of the results. 


We hope that these tips helped you with reaching a better result for your regattas. Don't forget to visit our website for more information and share this in your social networks. 

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