How to make the right management of a sailing event


Whenever you think of organizing an event, do you get headaches? Then, your problems are over. 

Here are a few steps that you can follow if you're thinking about organizing a sailing event and want to be successful at it. First, we evaluate who are the people that have a direct impact, a significant role in a regatta. Always keeping in mind that one of our goals is to get as many participants as possible.

Normally a lot of people have a direct connection with a regatta's event and that number just keeps growing on a specific type of championship (regional, national, international) and the number of intervenients, members of the board, logically will raise too.  But in this blog post, we will be focusing more on the small and medium-sized clubs. 

You can start by handling everything that includes the event's logistics: select a date, hour and place for the event. It is necessary to have into account some important factors before you make any decision: first, think that our goal is to attract more clubs, you can make up a date that will match with the availability of your club and those around you. The worst thing a club can do is to pick a date where another club is also running a regatta. If two regattas are on the same day the number of participants will drop because many will split between the two venues. Also, don't forget about something very important, marketing the event. This should be done through sailing registration websites, your club's website, and social media. A good idea is having club directors contact other clubs in your area to inform them of your event, in doing so you have a better chance of preparing yourself for the regatta. 

Now that the logistics part is handled you must be thinking, "But, how will I manage the event correctly?" We also have an answer to that question.


ProRegatta will help you manage your event. Starting with the club's registration, these can be done through the website. You can avoid unnecessary bureaucracies since everything is done on an online platform and from there you can only start managing. With this app you can have more facilitated management, less work and communication is also more effective between the clubs and sailors. 

We have available features that will help you do the correct management of all the steps, including an option to do the boat's tracking. You can see your route and review it in the end. In a sailing event, people are going to compete against each other and are going to test their skills, but it's good to acknowledge that this is also a social event, since families and friends are going to be present too. ProRegatta can also help in that matter. The tracking can be live-streamed so whilst the sailors are competing at sea, families, and friends can watch the regattas from the shore in real-time. 

Our app has a feature that was made to assure the sailor's security, which makes it a great feature to anyone responsible for an event's management. The mechanism is an SOS button that can be activated by the sailor in cases of emergency, wind problems, boat breakdowns and with the sailor himself. You only have to associate three emergency contacts and the feature will be ready to use when needed, upon network and battery availability. But it's not only for these functions that this feature can be used, the mark layer can send through the emergency button the buoys location, and then the event's organizer just sends the coordinates.

The sailing events are a piece of work, but the sailing sport is growing and slowly gaining recognition in the market, has called a lot of attention in the last years due to some boat's performances in the media outlets, so these events must be planned at the utmost detail. With the help of a mobile device that can support you is an added value. The download is available in android and IOS and is completely free of charge.

If you have become interested in getting to know more about ProRegatta visit our website for more information and share this on your social networks. 

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