The best sailors in the world will be in Cascais

Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy takes place on the 27th and 28th of June.

The first edition of the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy, organized by the Mirpuri Foundation in partnership with the Clube Naval de Cascais, and with the support of the Cascais Town Hall, will have Cascais as a stage, already on the weekend of 27 and 28 of June.  

This, which is one of the main sailing events in the world, will be marked by a sustainable regatta, without plastic, with health control measures implemented by a medical team that ensures that all participants and organization are tested for Covid-19 . For two days, sailors travel the Portuguese coast between Cascais and Sesimbra, to warn of the importance of preserving the seas and marine ecosystems, sensitizing the population to the various threats and consequences of ocean pollution.


“Cascais has already become accustomed to being the stage of events that mark the international agenda, and after this period of confinement, it is with great satisfaction that we are hosting the 1st edition of the Mirpuri Sailing Trophy. It is gratifying that Portugal and Cascais are recognized to receive safely one of the most important regattas in the world and to be able to see live the best international sailors ”, underlined Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais.


The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy  regatta  aims to raise awareness, but also to act in defense of the environment and Nature. That is why, in this first edition, the registration costs of the teams are borne by the Mirpuri Foundation and donated to Navy Conservation programs, making this regatta also a solidary event.


Offshore racing boats, some of the fastest in the world, are registered, where renowned names of international sailing will compete, with prizes of more than € 30,000, with a maximum prize of € 16,000 for the first position.


“It is with great pleasure that we saw the support of the Cascais City Council, which reinforces the relevance of the event for the dynamism of the municipality”, says Paulo Mirpuri, President of the Mirpuri Foundation.


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