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Regular readers will know that I need scant excuse to post photos of Stars. For some reason it’s the boat that crawled into my soul at a very young age, captivated something deep down and has never let go. Perhaps it’s the chines. It could be the hiking position. It’s most certainly the history. Why they let it go from the Olympics is beyond me. The runners fascinate me. I don’t truly understand how it all works. And I still can’t figure out how they keep that mast up. But show me a picture of a Starboat and a weakness overcomes me. I can flick through Seahorse and find a Star at a canter – luckily the editor is as mad as I about them and even, and I say this with utmost respect and jealousy, owned one.

I’ve never sailed a Star. I desperately, desperately want to. Hell, I want one. And my Facebook feed is merely an excuse to window-shop on a daily basis. “Ooh a Lillia in Germany for £6500. I could drive down there this weekend…” It’s an addiction of sorts. It’s a mental affliction. It’s a problem. It’s an itch that I can’t stop scratching and I say again, I’ve never even sailed one. But I know I want one. It’s a boat that just looks right, points to the moon with an added bonus that with my reputation and build I get a 20 stone bodyguard thrown in for protection if I ever do, finally, take the plunge.

So when the email comes through, as it does every year, from the fabulous Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta there’s a part of me willing it be an actual invitation but it’s always just the press release. Fair enough. I know my place. I recognise my limited talent. But it happily ruins a good 50% of that morning as I have to flick through the website photos, re-watch the videos for the umpteenth time and then jump on the Lillia website and pore over the Juan K designed Star which is as close to Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel for its beauty.

This year’s invitational at the behest of the eponymous Bacardi drinks brand starts on Sunday and Miami is the picture postcard perfect venue for an orgy of photographic Starboat pornography. I’m not entirely sure that I’ve ever seen a bad photo of a Star. I’ve seen Moths upside down and they’re ugly. Lasers are a photographic bore in light winds. 505s look umpty until it’s blowing 40 knots. 49ers are soap dishes that went to Eton. The Finn is a bathtub that didn’t. And catamarans, even the foiling Nacra’s, look like the designers took way too many recreational substances at University. No, the Star is the one boat, and I would argue the ONLY boat (and I’ll have the 5.5 metre mafia on me now), that looks right from every angle in every condition. READ MORE

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