6 reasons why you should use ProRegatta in your club events


Are you visiting our website for the first time? Then, Welcome aboard! In this blog post, we're going to show you six reasons why you should use ProRegatta in your club events. 


Let's start: 


Help sailors and clubs to get the most out of sailing. 

First of all, it's important to say, if you don't know ProRegatta yet, that one of our main goals is to help sailors and clubs to get the most out of sailing, making it easier for those who are teaching the sport and for those who are learning. Sailing is a sport that has been gaining recognition, but it's still a hard sport to understand, to promote and to teach, so we, ProRegatta, have the solution for you. We developed an online platform capable of managing classes and regattas in a championship. As we try to facilitate and make the steps more intuitive to who is new or to who is already used to the market. On our website, you can find tutorial videos to guide you through every step from the registration process to the finish line of a championship. We're always available to answer any questions or doubts that you might have, being one of our goals to create an amazing sailing experience.  



This feature is already available in the ProRegatta app. It's very useful to every sailor and club that wants to track their boats, see their routes and then have the opportunity to review them later on. This feature is also available for live-streaming, which is very pleasing for those who are accompanying the sailors in the event, they can watch the regatta from the shore. They're far away from the boat but still very close to what is happening at sea.  


Security - SOS button 

At ProRegatta, we think about satisfying and answer the needs of sailors and clubs, but we can't forget about your safety, being that one of our priorities. The app is equipped with a safety mechanism, an SOS button, to be used in cases of emergency: wind changes, boat breakdowns, sailors' safety. You only have to add three emergency numbers and the feature is ready to be used when needed, upon network and battery availability. With this SOS button, we can also make sure that the families and friends don't worry too much about the sailors' safety. 


Championships Features 

With the ProRegatta app, you can have a lot of championship options, there are three modes: Race Mode - here you can do the tracking of your boat; Training with Friends (TwF) - can be used for schools, teams and just for fun with your friends, this is an excellent option of training since you can share the race with your friends, compare results and share that experience together. Finally, you also have the option of training alone. 


Push Notifications 

At ProRegatta we always look for ways to make sailing experiences for sailors and clubs easier and more accessible. We establish a feature: push notifications that are a direct way to communicate between clubs and sailors, a feature that allows these entities to be constantly in touch. You can have this easily by joining ProRegatta which has this feature already available and ready to use on the platform and app. 


Experience - Final Product 

Lastly, what we call the experience - final product. For all the reasons above and more, ProRegatta represents everything that you wish to make easier in the sailing sport. Since the moment of registration to the results performance - this last one implemented on the website - everything is simplified and thought, for those who make this sport their life’s mission, career, and hobby. 


Are you convinced? Visit our website and download the free app, available for Android and IOS, and start using the ProRegatta services. We're counting on you! 

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